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Sep 08,2023

Bridge defense brand strength shows, Zhongbo Group, won the CCTV.

The Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Accelerating the Construction of a Unified National Market were officially released. Give the country's largest production-oriented enterprises a Hebei Zhongbo Explosion-proof Tools Group Co., Ltd. the original innovation and intellectual property rights of the highest evaluation and protection!

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Apr 12,2022

How to deal with the explosion-proof chain block when the chain cannot be pulled

For all the operation of explosion-proof hand chain hoist, professional and technical personnel have to deal with the method, can quickly solve the user's troubles, so that you can easily carry out the lifting work. That if you encounter in the use of the chain does not move, what steps should be done correctly.

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Apr 11,2022

Bridge Defense: Extraordinary Strength Shines China, Conveyor the World

Tools, in the 1980 s in the domestic petroleum, chemical, oil refining, oil and gas transportation began to apply. After 30 years of exploration and practice, Chinese tool manufacturers represented by Hebei Zhongbo Group Co., Ltd. have created a new era from dependence to independent manufacturing in China. Today, Hebei Zhongbo Group's well-known tool "Bridge Defense" carries the dream of China's tool manufacturing power. In the magnificent 38 years, it has made 138 inventions in creation and innovation, relying on its own, manufacturing, and a place in the market for supremacy. Glory to China, based on the world.

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Apr 08,2022

Scope of application of explosion-proof nail starter

Petroleum refining and petrochemical industry, coal mine, oil field, gas chemical industry, chemical fiber industry, paint industry, fertilizer industry, various flammable and explosive industries. Oil wheels and LPG vehicles, aircraft.

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Apr 06,2022

The purpose and scope of use of explosion-proof nutcracker

Nutcracker is a kind of pliers with a curved ring head and a long pliers handle. It was first named for crushing nuts such as walnuts. It is now improved and used to clamp round or columnar workpieces in various industries.

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Apr 03,2022

Botou City Federation of Trade Unions played a "combination of punches" to help enterprises resume work and production.

In order to effectively implement the decision-making and deployment of the municipal party committee, the municipal government and the general manager of Cang City on the overall promotion of the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and economic and social development, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions has taken active action, insisting on the prevention and control of the epidemic on the one hand and the resumption of work and production on the other, guiding enterprises and employees to consciously do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic development ".

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Apr 01,2022

Introduction to the use of explosion-proof wire pliers

Kernel pliers: also known as wire pliers, electrician pliers and other names, because of different regions and the name will be different, this is a pliers tool products often used in daily work, electrician commonly used a hand tool, pliers handle is wrapped with insulation protective sleeve, mainly used to cut wire or wire. The use of such tools can play an important role in some maintenance work in daily life.

Mar 30,2022

Techniques of Using Explosion-Proof Knock Wrench to Disassemble Corroded Nut

3) Remove the nut with less serious corrosion. First use a knock wrench to knock the nut around, and then take some oil drops on the bolt and nut. After a period of time, use the knock wrench to turn the nut clockwise to force the rust on it to fall off, and then rotate the nut counterclockwise. Repeated two or three times, generally can remove the rust of the nut.

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Mar 24,2022

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