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Sep 08,2023

Explosion-proof Allen wrench

Brief Introduction of Explosion-proof Allen Wrench

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Jan 17,2022

What are the main categories of explosion-proof tools?

Explosion-proof tools are used in many fields with their unique and excellent performance, but explosion-proof tools are not only one, they can be classified according to different processes, and are generally divided into two categories by material:

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Jan 27,2022

Application of explosion-proof hoist

The explosion-proof hoist starts to rotate by dragging the bracelet chain and the hand sprocket, the friction plate ratchet wheel and the brake seat (pressed into one body) rotate together, and the five-tooth long shaft rotates the piece gear, the four-tooth short shaft and the spline hole gear. As a result, the lifting sprocket mounted on the spline hole gear drives the lifting chain to smoothly lift heavy objects.

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Feb 07,2022

Selection of explosion-proof tools

Explosion-proof tools are used as percussion wrench or sleeve extension pipe, which will cause obvious dents on the handle and working break. In this case, you should choose T-shaped sliding head handle plus sleeve, F-shaped wrench lever, curved handle wrench lever or larger ratchet wrench to increase torque!

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Feb 10,2022

Prominent advantages of hand wrenches in explosion-proof tools

The model of the Allen wrench is based on the size of the opposite side of the six party, and the size of the bolt has national standards. Allen wrench use: for fastening or removal of machine tools, vehicles, machinery and equipment on the round nut.

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Feb 12,2022

Explosion Proof Tools | Main Uses of Explosion Proof Hammers

Explosion-proof hammer is a kind of explosion-proof tools, mainly used in oil, natural gas, oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines and other flammable and explosive places. Let's take a look at the knowledge of explosion-proof hammer

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Feb 14,2022

The principle of explosion-proof tools to avoid explosion

The key to why the recent frequent explosions is that we do not pay attention to the small details of daily life, because explosion-proof tools are not used. If explosion-proof tools are used, explosions caused by small sparks may be avoided.

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Feb 17,2022

Countermeasures for Common Problems of Explosion-proof Hand Chain Hoist

In daily use, explosion-proof chain block may encounter some problems such as chain jam, brake slippage, brake dead car, etc. The following is a summary of countermeasures to common problems

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Feb 19,2022

The importance of explosion-proof tools

With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, danger is constantly approaching people, so what kind of artifact should everyone have-explosion-proof tools.

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Feb 21,2022

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