Non sparking pliers

Non sparking pliers is one of the main products of Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group Co., Ltd. with good quality and Cheapest.Our factory is a professional suppliers and Manufacturers in china ,Wholesale prices are available for customized products.
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253 Non Sparking Snipe Nose Pliers

1 ■Non-sparking Tools ■Beryllium Copper & Aluminum Bronze ■Die Forged ■ISO 5745 ■Used for cutting wire or holding tiny components.

246 Pliers, Lineman

■ Beryllium copper alloy and Aluminum bronze material ■ ISO 5746 ■ Die forged ■ Used for cutting and crimping metal or wire

5203-Pliers, Diagonal Cutting

■ Titanium material. ■ Lightweight, Non-magnetic,Strong and Durable. ■ Used in Aerospace,Aviation,Malitary,Hospitals,etc. ■ Mostly used for cutting wire.

7202A-Dipped Pliers, Snipe Nose

■ Cr-V steel material ■ Die forged ■ Germany VDE authorized certificate. ■ Insulated with standard 1000V

Non-Sparking Dustpan Suppliers: Essential Safety Tools for the Hardware Industry

Introduction: In the hardware industry, where safety is paramount, non-sparking tools play a crucial role in preventing accidents and protecting workers. A non-sparking dustpan is an indispensable safety tool specifically designed to minimize the risk of sparks that could potentially ignite flammable substances. This article aims to provide valuable information about non-sparking dustpans and high

Wholesale Dipped Single Box Offset Wrench products suppliers

Wholesale Dipped Single Box Offset Wrench products suppliers

Dipped Single Box Offset Wrench suppliers as Wholesale Dipped Single Box Offset Wrench, Wholesale Dipped Single Box Offset Wrench and excellent brand advantages.

Titanium alloy tool diagonal pliers

Hebei Zhongbo Explosion-proof Tools Group Co., Ltd. developed (German DIN standard) titanium alloy production line in 2010. Titanium alloy tools are forged from titanium alloy materials. This product is non-magnetic, low density, anti-corrosion, strong, light and durable. It is a special tool for special fields such as aerospace navigation, medical treatment, food and magnetic field operation.

Introduction to the use of explosion-proof wire pliers

Kernel pliers: also known as wire pliers, electrician pliers and other names, because of different regions and the name will be different, this is a pliers tool products often used in daily work, electrician commonly used a hand tool, pliers handle is wrapped with insulation protective sleeve, mainly used to cut wire or wire. The use of such tools can play an important role in some maintenance work in daily life.

Precautions for pliers on explosion-proof tools

The method of use is: the knife edge is upward, the user's thumb is above the upper clamp handle, the index finger, middle finger and ring finger are below the lower clamp handle, the little finger is above the lower clamp handle, the thumb is fixed on the upper clamp handle, and the other four fingers move freely to open and close the jaws.