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Here, every member of the team shoulders the mission and responsibility,
We are committed to using technology to change the way of human life, join us, work together to change the world with dreams, and create the future with technology!

Have a passion for work, not just a means to earn a living;
Understand the importance of teamwork, and can share hardships and successes with others;
Have ambitious goals, but do not Ignore the tedious details;
Botou Safety Tools Group will be able to provide you with a platform to display your talents.


The people-oriented foundation is based on use. Hiring the right people into Zhongbo Group is a family, brothers and sisters.

Meet each special you

We must emancipate our minds, pioneer and innovate, open our minds to recruit talented people from all over the world, and truly absorb a group of talents with high IQ, high quality, and in line with the development of the 21st century.

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Whether it is the training of young talents in colleges and universities or the career development of employees, Zhongbo has always taken the transportation of talents in the industry and the sharing of global human resources as its own responsibility. Skills enhancement and career development, recognition of employees and their achievements, and respect for diversity are decisive factors for companies to attract talents, stimulate potential, and ensure loyalty. We make this a priority and pay close attention to the development of employees.

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