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Hebei Botou Safety Tools (Groups) Co., Ltd.

Hebei Botou Safety Tools (Groups) Co., Ltd.was founded in 1983, is a national high-tech enterprise, a national torch plan project undertaking unit, and a national standard-setting unit for safety tools. It was listed on the new third market in 2015. Its stock code is 832291. The company is located in Botou Industrial Zone, Hebei Province. The company covers an area of 186000 square meters, with total assets of 1.18 billion yuan and has 680 employees, 1500 sets of advanced production equipment, the intact rate is 100, and it is a professional manufacturer of safety tools with a relatively large scale in the world today.


Company covers an area

680 +

Existing staff

1500 sets

Advanced production equipment

1500 * 10⁴

Annual production of explosion-proof tools

Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group Co., Ltd.

Main Business

The company is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of explosion-proof tools, anti-explosion equipment, special tools, titanium alloy tools, stainless steel tools, insulating tools, seamless containers and other products, and has 148 patented technologies. The core product——explosion-proof tools has filled the gap in the country and ended the situation of domestic explosion-proof tools relying on imports. Since 2002, it has been responsible for revising and drafting the national standards for explosion-proof tools.

Product Center

Explosion-proof tools are also called non-sparking safety tools. This product can effectively prevent tools and work objects from rubbing against each other and produce flammable explosions when they collide, ensuring national property and personal safety. At present, it is divided into three categories: beryllium bronze, aluminum bronze and J892 (for acetylene). The sixth-generation explosion-proof tools developed by Hebei Botou Safety Tools (Groups) Co., Ltd. have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, France, and Germany. At present, the products are a new series of products that are completely made of selected high-quality raw materials, intelligent professional production lines, full coverage of German DIN standard precision forging, and novel body automatic packaging. There are no products with the same raw material formula, the same quality standard, the same strength, density, torque, and zero magnetism in the domestic and foreign markets.

Company qualification

Hebei Botou Safety Tools (Groups) Co., Ltd."Bridge Defense" trademark is a trademark that has been built for 36 years. It is a specialized and special new enterprise recognized by the state. It is the only "qualified supplier" of explosion-proof tools recognized by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and "Top 100 suppliers in China Petrochemical Industry ".

In 1996, explosion-proof tool products won the gold medal in the second international new technology and famous products fair.

In 1998, the company was approved by the state as a People's Republic of China import and export enterprise.

In 2000, the company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification. In the same year, obtained the British Royal UKAS product certification.

In 2002, the company was responsible for revising the 2003 version of the national explosion-proof tool standard. In the same year, it was recognized as the national explosion-proof tool standard formulation (revision) unit in the standardization of Chinese tools and hardware.

In 2004, the product was listed as a Torch Program project, under the high-tech products.

In 2005, the company registered "Bridge Defense" trademark was recognized as a "famous trademark" for protection by the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce.

In 2006, it was recognized as the provincial enterprise technology center. X-Spark trademark was identified as the export brand of Hebei Province, Hebei Province best-selling brand.

In 2007, "Bridge Defense" explosion-proof tools were identified as famous brand products in Hebei Province by the Provincial Bureau of Technical Supervision.

In 2008, we received document No. 138 of Shang biao chi zi [2008], approving the recognition of the trademark "bridge defense QIAOFANG" as a well-known trademark. In the same year, the company was recognized as a "high-tech enterprise" and passed the ISO14001 environmental system certification.

In 2009 passed the German TUV GS product certification and won the domestic and foreign tools hardware commodity quality inspection comprehensive evaluation of the top 15 rankings.

In 2010, the company's explosion-proof tool products passed the US FM product certification.

In 2011, the company's products were awarded the Export Product Quality License.

In 2012, the company's explosion-proof tool products were awarded the "International Standard Certificate", and in the same year, it was awarded the "National Professional Ceremony Tool Hardware Industry Revision Project Member Enterprise".

In 2013, it was recognized as one of the top ten famous enterprises of Chinese tools and famous brand enterprises of Chinese tools by China Hardware Products Association.

In 2014, it was rated as "Enterprise Credit Evaluation AAA Credit Enterprise" by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, and was rated as "Foreign Trade Brand Advantage Enterprise" in the same year.

In 2015, Shanghai Tool Industry Research Institute Hebei Zhongbo Explosion-proof Tool Testing Center was officially established.

In 2016, it was rated as China's top ten tools enterprises by China Hardware Products Association, and China's outstanding tools enterprises.

In 2017, the company passed the certification of the third-level national defense metrology technology organization; the company's explosion-proof tool products passed the German BAM certification; in the same year, it was awarded the honorary title of "Specialized and Special New.

In 2018, the explosion-proof tool laboratory of Zhongbo Group passed the laboratory certification of the National Accreditation Commission (CNAS certification), and the company was rated as an excellent enterprise in the national hardware industry by the China Hardware Products Association.

In 2019, it was recognized as a "specialized and special new demonstration enterprise" by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and was recognized as a "top 100 supplier" by the China Petrochemical Federation ".

In 2020, it passed the national military standard quality management system certification and was recognized as a qualified unit for equipment manufacturing.

2021 explosion-proof tool products were recognized by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology as the 2020 provincial manufacturing single champion products, the same year by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued by the specialized new "little giant" enterprises;

In June 2022, Hebei Safety Tool Industry Technology Research Institute and Hebei Industrial Design Center were established.

Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group Co., Ltd.
Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group Co., Ltd.

Core Competitiveness

For 40 years, the company has been committed to the research and development and production of explosion-proof tools and other products, firmly established the development strategy of "mastering core technology, creating customer value, applying high-end market, and establishing a national brand", and strives to build a tool distribution center with global brand influence. It has completed the development, production and improvement of explosion-proof tools and other products. At present, it is introducing intelligent production equipment and advanced management teams to create "sixth generation" explosion-proof tool series products to further enhance the company's core competitiveness.

Technology Platform


Create new products, repay the world;

Build a world-renowned brand, create a century-old enterprise


Service goldenization, quality standardization

Delivery on-time, reputation up to you


Hard Work to Create Achievements and Strive for Model High Salary
Energy Saving, Consumption Reduction and Innovation Benefit Improvement Award
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20 Years of Dedication, 20 Years of Old-age Service and Civil Servants


Gather elites in the industry, build an efficient team;  

Establish flexible mechanism, promote all-staff innovation; 

Research diverse products, base on market trends

Create unique management, promote Zhongbo culture 

Corporate Vision

Build a tool distribution center with global brand influence

Enterprise Mission

Application of high-end market to establish a national brand

Core Values

Master the core technology to create customer value

Spirit of Enterprise

Only professional can be excellent

Enterprise Positioning

Big country brand flaunts the world

Quality Policy

Professional manufacturing global sharing

Leadership Speech

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