Characteristics and use of explosion-proof carp pliers

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Apr 17,2022

Carp pliers are named after their appearance resembling carp. They are characterized by two adjustment positions for the opening width of the jaws, which can be enlarged or reduced. It is mainly used for clamping round parts, and can also replace the wrench to screw small nuts and bolts. The cutting edge at the rear of the jaw can be used to cut the metal wire, which is widely used in the auto repair industry.


Carp Pliers Features

Carp Pliers The front part of the head is flat and fine teeth, which is suitable for clamping small parts. The middle notch is thick and long, which is used for clamping cylindrical parts. It can also replace the wrench to screw small bolts and nuts. The cutting edge at the back of the jaw can cut metal wires. As a clamp body has two holes penetrating each other and a pin, the opening of the jaws can be easily changed during operation to adapt to clamping parts of different sizes. It is a hand pliers used in automobile maintenance operations. The specifications are expressed in terms of pliers length. Generally, there are two types: 165mm and 200mm, made of 50 steel. The use of wire cutters is similar to that of carp pliers, but their pins are fixed relative to the two clamp bodies, so they are not as flexible as carp pliers, however, the effect of cutting the metal wire is better than that of carp pliers, with specifications of 150, 175 and 200mm.

carp pliers use

is used to hold flat or cylindrical metal parts. its characteristic is that the opening width of the jaw has two adjustment positions, which can hold parts with larger size. the cutting edge can be used to cut off the metal wire

carp pliers. note that

a and plastic handle can resist high pressure. do not throw them randomly during use to avoid damaging the plastic pipe. B. Before clamping the parts with pliers, cover the easily damaged parts with protective cloth or other protective cover to prevent the serrated jaw from causing damage to the vulnerable parts. C, it is strictly prohibited to use carp pliers and water pump pliers as wrenches, because serrated jaws will damage the edges of bolts or nuts.

Focus on hot spots

President of China Foundry Association came to the company to investigate the renovation project of explosion-proof tools.

On January 9, 2022, Zhang Libo, President of China Foundry Association, Fan Qi, Vice President, and his party came to our company to investigate and guide the upgrading and transformation project of the sixth generation of explosion-proof tools. Mr. Yang Qinglai, Chairman of the Group Company, accompanied the explanation. During the investigation, President Zhang Libo highly praised Zhongbo Group's outstanding contribution to China's explosion-proof tools, affirmed the development of Zhongbo Group, and gave hope for the future of Zhongbo Group.

Hebei Botou Invited by Customers to Visit Customers in Shijiazhuang

Zhongbo Group was founded in 1983 and has been developing for 38th anniversary. It was successfully listed in 2015. From the beginning of the national customers, our products have now gone to the world. Thank you for having you---

Hebei Botou to build explosion-proof tools industry base

In recent years, Botou City, Hebei Province has vigorously built an industrial base for explosion-proof tools, introduced intelligent production equipment to improve the explosion-proof performance of products, and promoted the leading manufacturers of explosion-proof tools to move towards an intelligent, high-end, and international development route to help regional economic development. In 2020, Botou explosion-proof tool manufacturers will achieve an output value of 0.28 billion yuan, covering the whole country and exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

Company research and development of new products explosion-proof seamless container with successful listing!

The company's technology research and development center, held a new project acceptance work meeting, research and development of new products explosion-proof seamless containers through acceptance, officially listed. Explosion-proof containers are widely used in flammable and explosive places with the explosion-proof characteristics of no spark and no detonation. The material for making explosion-proof containers is explosion-proof copper alloy. The original production process is to cut the plate into the corresponding shape and weld it. Such as explosion-proof bucket, fire bucket, etc. However, these process products have many problems and disadvantages: such as irregular appearance. Cutting, forming, crimping, welding, all hand-made, can not guarantee the appearance of normative, consistency. Second, the strictness is bad. Handmade

Hebei Botou Safety Tools (Groups) Co., Ltd. invites merchants to participate in the exhibition

Thank you for your support and trust to Zhongbo Group. Our company is scheduled to participate in the 68th Autumn National Hardware Fair in 2019 from September 20, 2019 to September 22, 2019 at Shandong Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center. Booth number: A188. From September 26, 2019 to September 28, 2019, he participated in the 12th China (Dongying) International Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment and Technology Exhibition at the Yellow River International Convention and Exhibition Center in Dongying, Shandong. Booth number: T103. I hope that through this opportunity to discuss and communicate with your company, so that we can have more in-depth cooperation. You are cordially invited to attend.