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8107A-Wrench, Double Box Offset

■ 420 Stainless Steel and 304 Stainless Steel ■ Antimagnetic Tools ■ Die Forged


  • Product Description
  • Product Features

    ■ High quality raw materials.
    ■ Drop forged process.
    ■ High strength, high quality.
    ■ Long using lifespan.
    ■ BAM、 FM、 GS、ATEX international certificates etc.
    ■ Mechanical performance warranty for life

    The Double Box Offset Wrench is a vital tool in industries that require explosion prevention measures. This specialized wrench is specifically designed to ensure safety in potentially explosive environments where sparks and heat generation must be minimized.
    The Double Box Offset Wrench features a unique design with two box openings of different sizes located at opposite ends of the tool and offset at an angle. This design allows for efficient fastening and unfastening of bolts and nuts in tight and hard-to-reach spaces. It is constructed using non-sparking materials like copper beryllium or aluminum bronze, eliminating the risk of sparks that could ignite flammable substances.
    The offset feature of this wrench provides enhanced leverage and flexibility, enabling workers to access and operate fasteners at odd angles or in confined areas. The precision engineering ensures a secure and snug fit on fasteners, reducing the risk of slippage and accidents. The Double Box Offset Wrench is crafted to withstand rugged conditions and maintain optimal performance, promising durability in demanding work environments.
    By utilizing the Double Box Offset Wrench, professionals can confidently carry out maintenance, repairs, or assembly tasks in hazardous areas. This tool is an essential component of explosion-proof toolkits, prioritizing safety by minimizing the potential for sparking and ignition. Its innovative design, combined with non-sparking materials and secure fit, ensures that workers can execute their duties efficiently and safely.

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