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B202 Long Wood Handle Putty Knife

■Brass tools ■Die Forged ■Cutting wire or holding tiny components.

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    ■ High quality raw materials.
    ■ Drop forged process.
    ■ High strength, high quality.
    ■ Long using lifespan.
    ■ BAM、 FM、 GS、ATEX international certificates etc.
    ■ Mechanical performance warranty for life

    The Long Wood Handle Putty Knife is a versatile and reliable tool designed for various industrial and construction applications. It features a long handle made of wood, providing a comfortable grip and excellent control during use. This putty knife also incorporates a sturdy and durable blade, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
    One notable feature of the Long Wood Handle Putty Knife is its ability to function as a safety tool in potentially hazardous environments. The handle is designed to be resistant to explosions and fires, ensuring the operator's safety in such situations. This makes it an ideal tool for use in industries where flammable substances may be present.
    In addition to its safety features, this putty knife is also highly functional for tasks such as applying putty, filler, or other construction materials. The long handle allows for extended reach and provides leverage when smoothing and scraping surfaces. The sturdy blade is designed for durability and precise application.

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    German DIN standard ISO standard

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