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151 Double Box Offset Wrench

■Non-sparking Tools ■Beryllium Copper & Aluminum Bronze ■Die Forged ■DIN838 ■Used to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts, suitable for use where space is narrow or deep concavity.


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    ■ High quality raw materials.
    ■ Drop forged process.
    ■ High strength, high quality.
    ■ Long using lifespan.
    ■ BAM、 FM、 GS、ATEX international certificates etc.
    ■ Mechanical performance warranty for life

    The double box offset wrench is a crucial anti-explosion tool designed to enhance safety in hazardous work environments. This specialized wrench features two box ends set at an offset angle, allowing for easy access to bolts and nuts in confined spaces. It is specifically engineered to minimize the risk of sparks and explosions by utilizing non-sparking materials such as bronze or aluminum bronze. The double box offset wrench provides versatility in tightening or loosening nuts and bolts of different sizes, making it an essential tool for workers in industries like oil refineries, chemical plants, and mining operations. With its anti-explosion properties and ergonomic design, this wrench ensures the safety of workers while enabling efficient and effective maintenance and repair tasks in potentially volatile environments.
    The double box offset wrench has proven to be a reliable and efficient anti-explosion tool, catering to the unique safety requirements of hazardous work settings. Constructed with non-sparking materials, such as bronze or aluminum bronze, this wrench significantly reduces the risk of sparks or ignition in potentially explosive atmospheres. Its innovative design, featuring two box ends set at an offset angle, enables workers to access and manipulate bolts and nuts in tight and hard-to-reach spaces. Industries such as oil refineries, chemical plants, and mining operations greatly benefit from the versatility and safety provided by the double box offset wrench. By prioritizing safety without compromising functionality, this tool empowers workers to carry out their tasks with confidence and efficiency in hazardous environments. The double box offset wrench exemplifies the importance of utilizing anti-explosion tools in maintaining a secure work environment.

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    German DIN standard ISO standard

Company Profile

■ Listed Group.
■ The world's largest manufacturer of safety tools.
■ The world leader in safety tools.
■ 40 years of OEM experience for many famous brands.
■ 5 series, more than 1,000 products, and more than 10,000 specifications.
■ Large inventory, timely delivery.
■ State Oil, Gas and Armed Forces Designated Supplier.



Being prevention-first is our quality management essence;Constant improvement in quality is our external objective;Meeting requirements of customers is our highest tenet.

Quality Service Commitment

When You Buy Products Manufactured By Zhongbo Group, We Make A Solemn Quality Commitment To You

★ During normal use, if the product cannot be used normally because of its own reasons or quality problems, it can be repaired or replaced free of charge with the proof of purchase at the authorized distribution office or manufacturing site of Zhongbo Group.

★ The products manufactured by Zhongbo Group are checked and accepted in strict accordance with German standards and national standards of the People's Republic of China, and have passed German TUV product certification, American FM certification, and IS09001 quality system certification.

★ All "Qiaofang" 'CNFB', "X-Spark", "Zhongbo", "TAURUS" and "Europet" trademark products purchased from Zhongbo Group or authorized dealers. Explosion-proof tools: explosion-proof and anti-magnetic properties are qualified.

Titanium alloy high-end tools: light and handy, high-strength and non-magnetic, suitable for use in special high magnetic fields.

Those That Do Not Belong To The Scope Of Hebei Zhongbo Group'S Tool Quality Service Commitment Are As Follows

★ Under abnormal use conditions, the product is damaged or the product cannot be used normally, such as natural wear and tear, man-made damage, unauthorized modification or use not in accordance with the product instructions, abuse and smashing.

★ Improper storage of products, corrosion and rust, electroplating peeling, scratches on the surface, damage to plastic handles, damage to packaging materials, such as cartons, shelves, plastic cases, paper cards, etc. are damaged during use.

★ Products otherwise specified by Hebei Zhongbo Group Co., Ltd.

If you are not clear about the service terms of XSparktools, or you cannot get satisfactory service from the designated dealer, please call the service hotline of XSparktools 400-0126-108 or log on to the official website of XSparktools http://www.xsparktools. com/ for related information.

The Final Interpretation Right Of The Terms Of This Product Quality Commitment Belongs To Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group Co., Ltd.

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