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The Purpose Of Safeguarding Rights

Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group Co., Ltd. a new third board listed company, a national high-tech enterprise, and a national standard-setting unit. Its products are sold to more than 70 countries and regions in the country and the world, and are favored by users.

Recently, the company discovered that some illegal companies used our company's reputation to counterfeit or counterfeit "Bridge Defense" and "Zhongbo" brands or products, and adopted various unfair competition methods to deliberately deceive consumers and mislead consumers to purchase their inferior explosion-proof tools. In order to avoid being cheated by consumers and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Zhongbo Group, we hereby make the following statement.

Free Rights Protection Phone: 400-0126-108

"Bridge defense" trademark difference motion wins

After careful investigation by the State Trademark Administration, our company's "bridge defense" trademark disagreement was successfully concluded in our favor. Please be sure to look for the trademark of "bridge defense" of Hebei zhongbo explosion-proof tools group co., ltd. when purchasing tools.
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"Middle bridge" has nothing to do with "bridge defense"

"Zhongqiao" has nothing to do with Zhongbo "Bridge Defense". The "Bridge Defense" brand explosion-proof tools produced by Hebei Zhongbo Explosion-proof Tools Group Co., Ltd. are recognized as "Hebei Famous Brand Products" and still have a certain influence in the world explosion-proof tool industry. Some enterprises take advantage of Zhongbo "Bridge Defense" reputation and name brands similar to "Bridge Defense". These have nothing to do with our company, please be sure to distinguish carefully and do not confuse similar words such as "Zhongqiao", "moqiao", "mofang" and "bofang" with "bridge defense" in Zhongbo.
buy high quality rest assured explosion-proof tools, please look for "bridge" trademark.
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