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164 Striking Box Bent Wrench

1 ■Non-sparking Tools ■Beryllium Copper & Aluminum Bronze ■Die Forged ■Q/ZBF-164 ■Used to tighten or loosen large bolts and nuts, the bent head are suitable for use where space is narrow or deep concavity.


  • Product Description
  • Product Features

    ■ High quality raw materials.
    ■ Drop forged process.
    ■ High strength, high quality.
    ■ Long using lifespan.
    ■ BAM、 FM、 GS、ATEX international certificates etc.
    ■ Mechanical performance warranty for life

    The striking box bent wrench is an essential anti-explosion tool designed for use in hazardous environments where the risk of sparks and explosions is a concern. This specialized wrench features a unique design with a bent head and a striking box end. The bent head allows for easier access to bolts and nuts in confined spaces, while the striking box end enables the application of greater torque and force when needed. What sets this tool apart is its non-sparking properties, which significantly reduce the risk of igniting flammable gases or materials. The striking box bent wrench is commonly used in industries such as oil refineries, chemical plants, and mining operations, where safety is paramount. With its sturdy construction and anti-explosion features, this wrench provides peace of mind to workers while ensuring efficient and safe maintenance and repair tasks in potentially volatile settings.

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    Product Parameters

    German DIN standard ISO standard

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