Use of explosion-proof wrench

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Dec 27,2021

Introduction and use of explosion-proof tools
standard drafting units. Explosion-proof tool products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, oil and gas transportation, anti-terrorism, aviation, aerospace and other fields.

live wrenches, also known as live wrenches, are tools that tighten or loosen angled screws or nuts.

electricians commonly use 200, 250 and 300mm, which should be selected according to the size of the nut.

When using, hold the handle with your right hand.

The closer the hand is, the less effort it will be to move it.

When pulling the small nut, due to the need to continuously roll the worm wheel to adjust the size of the pull mouth, the hand should be held close to the pull lip, and the worm wheel should be modulated with the thumb to adapt to the size of the nut.

When clamping the nut with the spigot of the spigot wrench, the spigot lip is on the top and the spigot lip is on the bottom.

live wrench must not be used in reverse.

When pulling a rusty nut, you can put a few drops of kerosene or engine oil on the nut so that it can be screwed.

When it cannot be screwed, it is not allowed to use a steel pipe sleeve on the handle of the flexible wrench to increase the torque, because it is easy to damage the flexible wrench.

Do not use a flexible wrench as a hammer.

Village electricians also often use open-end wrenches (also called dull wrenches).

It has two types of single-head and double-head, and its opening is adapted to the size of screw head and nut, and is made into a set according to the standard size.

All wrenches are square, hexagonal, and dodecagonal (commonly known as the ring wrench).

During this period, the ring wrench is widely used in rural electricians. It only needs to turn 30 degrees to change the pulling direction, so it is more convenient to work in narrow places.

socket wrench is composed of a set of unequal size plum barrel, the use of the bow of the handle continuous rolling, high efficiency.

When the scale of the screw or nut is large or the working position of the wrench is narrow, a ratchet wrench can be used.

This wrench has a small swing point of view and can tighten and loosen screws or nuts.

When tightening, roll the handle clockwise.

square sleeve is equipped with a strut.

When the handle is pulled back in the opposite direction, the strut slides out of the ramp of the ratchet teeth, so the screw or nut will not follow the reversal.

If you need to loosen the screw or nut, just turn the ratchet wrench and roll it counterclockwise.

Allen key is used to install and remove Allen screws.

is often used in the disassembly and assembly of some mechanical and electrical products.

force measuring wrench has a long elastic rod, one end of which is equipped with a handle, and the other end is equipped with a square head or hexagonal head. A replaceable sleeve is set on the square head or hexagonal head and is clamped with steel balls.

is also equipped with a long pointer on the top.

scale plate is fixed on the handle seat, and the scale value of each grid is 1 Newton (or kg/m).

When a certain value of tightening force is required, or several nuts (or screws) require the same tightening force, use this wrench.

hex wrench is used to assemble and disassemble large hex screws or nuts, which can be used by external electricians to load and unload steel frame structures such as towers.

This is a ring wrench, commonly known as an eye wrench, used to disassemble and assemble hexagonal nuts or bolts.

It is particularly convenient to disassemble and assemble hex nuts or bolts located in a slight recess.

Hebei open explosion-proof tools co., LTD., specializing in the manufacture of explosion-proof tools, explosion-proof hammer, explosion-proof pliers, explosion-proof wrench, special steel tools, titanium alloy tools, insulation tools, stainless steel tools and other products. It has a national laboratory, a product technology research and development center, a material physical and chemical analysis room, a mechanical performance testing room, an explosion-proof and anti-magnetic performance testing center, and a national standard drafting unit. Explosion-proof tool products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, oil and gas transportation, anti-terrorism, aviation, aerospace and other fields.

Focus on hot spots

President of China Foundry Association came to the company to investigate the renovation project of explosion-proof tools.

On January 9, 2022, Zhang Libo, President of China Foundry Association, Fan Qi, Vice President, and his party came to our company to investigate and guide the upgrading and transformation project of the sixth generation of explosion-proof tools. Mr. Yang Qinglai, Chairman of the Group Company, accompanied the explanation. During the investigation, President Zhang Libo highly praised Zhongbo Group's outstanding contribution to China's explosion-proof tools, affirmed the development of Zhongbo Group, and gave hope for the future of Zhongbo Group.

Hebei Botou Invited by Customers to Visit Customers in Shijiazhuang

Zhongbo Group was founded in 1983 and has been developing for 38th anniversary. It was successfully listed in 2015. From the beginning of the national customers, our products have now gone to the world. Thank you for having you---

Hebei Botou to build explosion-proof tools industry base

In recent years, Botou City, Hebei Province has vigorously built an industrial base for explosion-proof tools, introduced intelligent production equipment to improve the explosion-proof performance of products, and promoted the leading manufacturers of explosion-proof tools to move towards an intelligent, high-end, and international development route to help regional economic development. In 2020, Botou explosion-proof tool manufacturers will achieve an output value of 0.28 billion yuan, covering the whole country and exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

Company research and development of new products explosion-proof seamless container with successful listing!

The company's technology research and development center, held a new project acceptance work meeting, research and development of new products explosion-proof seamless containers through acceptance, officially listed. Explosion-proof containers are widely used in flammable and explosive places with the explosion-proof characteristics of no spark and no detonation. The material for making explosion-proof containers is explosion-proof copper alloy. The original production process is to cut the plate into the corresponding shape and weld it. Such as explosion-proof bucket, fire bucket, etc. However, these process products have many problems and disadvantages: such as irregular appearance. Cutting, forming, crimping, welding, all hand-made, can not guarantee the appearance of normative, consistency. Second, the strictness is bad. Handmade

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